Defaultroute NAPs

We operate from four principal Tier-3 Network Access Points in Europe all interconnects are Tier-1.

Ingredients, preparation and cooking…all are important

It is easier today then ever before to connect to the Internet. For the source and distribution of high quality data transit services it is key to choose the best carriers and deliver service over the most stable platform.

At the car eof our services we have presence in four Tier-1 datacenters in Europe. We source internet and transit services solely from carrier-neutral and global leading providers,

Our reachability into austere and difficult to reach environments using fiber and satellite allow us to pull our industry leading technology stack directly to our customers.

For reliable transport it is essential that we maintain a non-contended and quality assured end-to-end service tier. All of our services are carried across the same underlay technology stack allowing for a consistent scalable overlay transport.

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